City Tour

Visit beautiful colonial mansions in Trujillo, known as the "City of Eternal Spring", which shows its colonial wealth, highlighting its Baroque houses and their Republican mansions of neo-classical See more details

Sun & Moon Temples and Huacas de Moche Museum

On arriving to the Moche valley, you will be received by a traditional family that descends from the ancient people. Then you will be able to appreciate several artifacts and tombs of this culture See more details

Dragón, Chan Chan & Huanchaco

First, you will visit the Arco Iris Temple (Dragon) from the Chimu Culture. Then you will visit the archeological complex of Chan Chan. This urban center is the largest pre-Columbian adobe city in p See more details

El Brujo Archaeological Complex

Located 34 Km north of Trujillo in the Chicama Valley. El Brujo pyramid rises about 98 feet above the surrounding desert and covers an area of roughly 330 by 330 feet. It was built with tens of thou See more details

Modern Art Museum

Visit an architectural gem that became the first museum of modern art in Peru. It has permanent exhibitions of art works by transcendent widely recognized international and national artists. Also Lati See more details

Cassinelli Museum

Mr. Cassinelli's life's work is tied up in the private Cassinelli Museum. It preserves and displays as many as 2,000 items of ceramic pottery, including the famous erotic works of the Moche, while s See more details

Toy Museum

A modest, but interesting display of all kind of toys like rattlers, whistles, figurines, and other Chancay, Moche and Chimú toys dating as far back as 1000 BC and up to the 1950s. See more details

Peruvian Paso Horse Exhibition and Marinera Dance

Two memorable exhibitions: one performed by a pair of talented dancers and the other demonstrated by the graceful Peruvian Paso horse. The dance, considered the National Dance of Peru, will be a del See more details