Gastronomy of north


Half day tours
Different alternatives are presented in Trujillo and Chiclayo to enjoy a gastronomic and cultural experience. Appreciating through history the cultural mergers that have influenced in the ingredients and customs of the inhabitants of the north Peru, the result is the recognized Peruvian cuisine.


Lord of the seas


Lunch and exhibition
The man who inhabited the coasts of Trujillo through centuries, dominated the seas with a ship that Spanish called Totora Little Horses (Caballitos de totora). Enjoy lunch on the beach and watch the skill of the fishermen riding the waves.


Forest and pyramids


Full day tour
Share a day with a traditional family of Lambayeque, learning from their daily work in agriculture and knowing the ancient culture that surrounds them.


Land of eternal summer

Mancora, Piura - Perú

3 days / 2 nights
City tour of Piura, visit one of the most emblematic places in craftsmanship. Journey through the historic port of Paita, the village of Sullana and enjoy the beautiful beaches of the Peruvian coast.


The route of native cotton


Full day tour
In Lambayeque you will be able to learn about the ancient techniques of spinning native cotton and history that surrounds one of the most spectacular museums in America.


Lovely marinera


Half day tour
Be part of the flag dance and learn the history and art that involves falling in love through dance. It ends with a charming and elegant display of authentic Peruvian Paso horse.