Transfer Chiclayo/Chachapoyas

Transfer from the city of Chiclayo to Chachapoyas. The journey crosses one of the driest deserts on the planet, and then reach the summit of the Andes: the passage of Porculla, a key point in the ge See more details

Gocta Waterfall

In the village of Cocachimba, inhabited by about 200 families, began the hike to the Gocta waterfall with its 771 meters fall. When the German researcher Stefan Ziemendorff discovered it, it was tho See more details

Karajía sarcophagi

The Karajía sarcophagi were found in the edge of a limestone cliff, facing the abyss. Are the creation of the ancient Chachapoyas, which left traces of his past in the most unexpected places. Arriv See more details

Quiocta Caverns

Travel to Quiocta Caverns, one of the most impressive natural attractions of Lamud District. Among the typical vegetation, 40 minutes drive from Lamud, are the incredible limestone needles with diff See more details


Drive to Kuelap. It was discovered in 1843 by Dr. Juan Crisostomo Nieto, Chachapoyas judge that had to perform an inspection of Tingo. After three hours of climbing on the backs of horses was first See more details

Leymebamba Museum

Visit Leymebamba Museum, opened in June 2000, houses more than 200 mummies and their burial offerings recovered in 1997 from the Lake of the Condors by an emergency archaeological project run by the See more details

Transfer Leymebamba/Cajamarca

Private transfer to Cajamarca. The road is incredibly beautiful, the views are spectacular, cross the Marañon river and the town of Celendín, friendly community of Cajamarca that is said of their See more details