City Tour

Visit the city of Cajamarca, it is here that sealed the fate of the Inca Empire: Atahualpa the Inca was captured by Spanish troops. This is also where the serrano baroque reaches its maximum express See more details

The Otuzco Windows

Visit a fabulous pre-Incan necropolis. It looks like a town constructed into cliffs with windows cut into the rock and they served as tombs. These shows the wide mortuary enclosure of the Cajamarca See more details

The Incan Baths

The Incan Baths are possibly Cajamarca’s foremost tourist attraction. The specially-built pools allow hot sulphur-bearing water to mix with cool river water - evidence of famed Inca engineering. See more details

La Collpa

The Collpa, located 11 km. the city of Cajamarca, dedicated to raising cattle and sheep is the former estate that was affected by the agrarian reform law like many others in Peru is the land that be See more details


Visit the amazing Cumbemayo site, it is the current name of an hydraulic engineering, evidence of singular works that inhabitants developed during the former times; the archaeological complex is to See more details

Porcon Farm

When you visit Granja Porcon you will be mesmerized by the picturesque view of the woodland area. If you want to see the local farming practices you can visit the ranch. You can also visit the anima See more details

Kuntur Wasi

Visit this magnificent ceremonial place linked to Chavin civilization. It was a high walled ceremonial complex probably made for defensive purposes as well to keep curious people away from their cer See more details