City Tour & Witch Market

Chiclayo - PerúVisit to the famous Paseo Las Musas, a pleasant place to enjoy a moment of family entertainment, continue to the main park. This park is not called Seat of Arms, because Chiclayo was not founded by the Spanish, in the beginning it was a crossroads. Tour of the City Hall, a republican building with temporary exhibition halls. The tour ends at the witches market, also known as herbal market or model market, one of Peru's most interesting markets. This place sprawls for several blocks and is a thick maze of fresh fruits and vegetables, woven goods, handicrafts, live animals, fish, meats and, most interestingly, the mercado de brujos (witch doctors' market) in the southwest corner. This area is a one-stop shop for medicine men and has everything you might need for a potent brew: whale bones, amulets, snake skins, vials of indeterminate tonics, hallucinogenic cacti and lashings of aromatic herbs.