City Tour


Visit the city of Cajamarca, it is here that sealed the fate of the Inca Empire: Atahualpa the Inca was captured by Spanish troops. This is also where the serrano baroque reaches its maximum expression in the religious architecture of Cajamarca, which corresponds to the mining boom in this city in the eighteenth century. We will see the imposing facade of the Cathedral of Cajamarca, recognized as one of the jewels of Latin American architecture. His work inaugurated the work of the Cajamarca school, characterized by the use of grapes and vines in their buildings. We will continue then, to the Bethlehem complex, constituted by the Church of Bethlehem, the Men's Hospital, and Women's Hospital. This set was built in the eighteenth century and shows us the beauty of secular and religious architecture of the place. The only Inca building still standing is called ransom room. The chronicles say that to release the Inca Atahualpa, Spanish conquerors sought to fill a room of gold and two of silver. It is said that we will see the one that was filled with these precious metals. You will see the city of Cajamarca from Santa Apolonia hill, where is the “Silla del Inca”, ancient ceremonial site.